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Mustang Fastback – Eleanor / GT500E inspired
Roush 427 SRXE engine, 493 BHP
Manual Transmission – 6 speed.
Documents Spain
Type seller:  Private seller

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You can watch the video of this car here:





This project was commissioned by a private customer in 2018. 
The remit was to build a GT500E / Eleanor themed Mustang fastback, with customised styling, using many upgrades available in the aftermarket.  The aim was to produce a one of a kind vehicle, with high attention to detail, high quality of parts, reliable, and of course, safe.

A 1967 Ford Mustang fastback was sourced for the client, and imported to SCM premises in the UK to begin the bespoke restoration of this beast.

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Restoration Points

• Fully Metal Finished Car prior to Body Work
• GT500E Body Kit from Mustangs to Fear
• Painted in Glasurit premium basecoat and lacquer, with bespoke 3 stripe design
• Roush 427 SRXE engine, 493 bhp
• FAST EFI Fuel Injection System
• Tremec T56 Magnum 6 Speed Gearbox
• Heidts Pro G Front Suspension
• Heidts Pro G Rear Suspension
• Heidts Subframe Chassis Strengthening
• Wilwood Disc Brakes • Wilwood Power Master Cylinder
• Power Rack and Pinion Steering • Hydraulic Hydramax Clutch System
• NVU Gauges
• Vintage Air – Air Conditioning System
• Electric Windows • Recaro Seats, in Leather
• Custom Rear Interior Panels from Mustangs to Fear
• Custom Sound System with Focal Speakers
• Premium Carpets
• Centre Console
• Hurst Shifter
• Moto-Lita Wooden Steering Wheel
• Flaming River Tilt Steering Column
• Fully Restored Interior
• American Autowire Wiring Loom
• Stainless Steel Dual Exhaust, with Side Exiting Pipes
• Aluminium Fuel Tank, Highly Polished
• American Racing Wheels, 18x8 and 18x10
• LSD Differential
• Custom Built Propshaft
• Factory Smoked Glass
• New Exterior Trim & Moldings
• Bespoke Trunk Enclosure
• Custom LED Taillights with Amber Turn Signals
• Griffin Aluminium Radiator

Exterior The exterior of the car was fully metal finished before moving forward into the body and fibreglass stages. 
To make this a solid, metal car, it is common for new panels to be required to replace corroded or damaged panels that have been subject to 50+ years of entropy.

This particular Mustang received:

• LH Floor
• RH Floor
• Upper Cowl
• Lower Cowl
• Firewall
• Rear Frame Rails
• RH Inner Fender Assembly
• LH Inner Fender Assembly
• Radiator Support
• Frame Rail Extensions
• RH Trunk Floor
• LH Trunk Floor
• RH Rear Quarter
• LH Rear Quarter
• Roof Skin
• Seat Platforms
• Rear Trunk Brace
• RH Door Assembly
• LH Door Assembly
• RH Fender
• LH Fender
• Rear Valance
• Shelby GT500 Taillight Panel (in Steel)

The sheet metal used was sourced and supplied through Dynacorn and Muscle Car GT, via Magnum Car Panels in the UK. 
The sheet metal quality is superior to the reproduction parts originating in the USA, and the metal finish on this 1967 Mustang is perfect.

Upon completion of the metal work and panel alignment, the body was coated with epoxy primer, to seal and preserve the metal beneath. 
The epoxy substrate provided an excellent base to begin the fibreglass work, to create the iconic GT500E / Eleanor vehicle.  The body kit was sourced from Mustangs to Fear in the USA, and is believed to be the best fitting body kit available for this type of conversion.

The parts included:

• Low Rise Eleanor Hood
• One Piece Eleanor Nose
• Front Fender Arch Flares
• Lower Rocker Moldings with Side Exiting Exhaust Cut Outs
• Rear Quarter Arch Flares
• Trunk Lid
• End Caps
• Bumper
• Lower Brake Scoops
• Upper Brake Scoops

With the body kit fitted into place, it was bonded with 3M Panel Bond (08115) to secure the various panels to the vehicle.  The epoxy base also provided an excellent base to adhere to.

The vehicle was primed using another high build epoxy primer, before being painted with a high quality, direct gloss black paint, which was used as a show coat / pre-paint, to identify where any additional body work may be required, in order to have the panels smooth and flat for a glossy finish.  Once the exterior body work was complete, the vehicle was painted using Glasurit base coat, with a specific formula for the colour.  From Morelli UK, the paint was custom made and supplied to SCM for this 1967 Mustang.  The paint information is as follows: More on paint colour, stripes, method, and paint codes.

As SCM restorations are thorough, the inside, underside, and engine bay were also prepared and thoroughly painted on a rotisserie for a premium finish to this car.  This is in order to aid the car to withstand another 50+ years of use.

More information:

• Vehicle assembled to a 360 degree Rotisserie
• The underside was seam sealed, and prepared, before being coated with a sound deadening, water proofing underseal
• The underseal is overpainted with a Urethane based two component paint, with Satin Black finish
• Both the interior and engine bay were also prepared and coated with a urethane based two component paint, finished in Satin Black.

The exterior was fully detailed with premium parts, including:

• Lighting – full lighting supplied by Mustangs to Fear, built for the body kit, with excellent fit.
• Billet Grilles – both upper and lower grilles, perfectly fitted for the body kit
• Custom stripes – a three stripe design is painted on the lower door edge and roof / top side
• New trim throughout, including door handles, locks, Le Mans fuel cap, moldings
• Fibreglass Rear Bumper • LED Rear Taillights – custom built by a specialist, these taillights also include turn signals in amber
• Full Metal Rear Panel – superior to a fibreglass screw on panel
• New Glass – all glass is smoked, and brand new with all new weatherstrip
• Rubbers – new rubber bumpers, weatherstrip, and neoprene used throughout to keep the car as weatherproof as possible
• Hood Pins – Quik Loc hood pins used, requiring simple ‘push to release’


The interior also received full attention and restoration, to create a bespoke, clean, and comfortable inside space. 
The floors and panels were prepared and painted in satin black, prior to using Dynamat sound deadening panels throughout, plus additional foam insulation, before the high quality carpets were installed.

The wiring loom used to provide reliable electrics to this Mustang is from American Autowire, and is a kit designed to upgrade the 1967 Mustang.  It is 100% new throughout with all new switches, controls, relays, etc.  The loom is fully immersed in the vehicle and controls everything – full notes have been made about any modification, for it to connect with the EFI, Air Conditioning, modern ignition, sound system, etc.

Recaro supplied the front seats for this Mustang, creating a retro yet modern feel for the car.  

Deluxe trim was used to dress the dash, instrument bezel, door panels, etc.  This is a Mustang feature and one that is specific to the 1967 model year.  Convenience items have also upgraded the interior.  The console was created out of a blank, with custom leather, and two additional gauges measuring oil temperature and voltage.

NVU supplied the gauges for this car, which include new digital units:

• Speedometer
• Tachometer
• Fuel Gauge
• Water Temperature Gauge
• Oil Pressure Gauge
• Voltmeter
• Oil Temperature

The steering column was replaced for a custom rack and pinion unit from Flaming River.  It has a tilt function and modern components internally.  Attached to this is a custom Moto-Lita steering wheel, one of a kind.

All of the rear interior panels are from Mustangs to Fear, and modernise the feel of the rear space over the 1967 design.   These panels are custom fitted, all painted in satin black, and feature speakers moulded into the sail panels.  These panels also surround a discrete Roll Bar, for aided stiffening of the body.

The heat and AC are provided via Vintage Air, for a system that fits perfectly within the 1967 Mustang, using the original style controls for digital operation.

Everything on the interior is new, including:

• Headliner
• Side Windows
• Electric Power Windows
• Door Locks & Rods
• Dash Pad
• Door Panels
• Glass
• Carpets
• Floor Mats
• Switches & Bezels
• Wiring Loom
• Steering Wheel 
• Steering Column
• Vent Window Assemblies
• Hurst Gear Shifter
• Pedals
• Sound System
• Gauges
• Console
• Seats
• Fold Down Seat
• Sound deadening panels
• Vintage Air Air Conditioning

Engine & Gearbox

The Jewel in the Crown of this 1967 Mustang GT500E, is the Roush Performance engine, that was ordered through Roush directly, and built by Roush for this project.  The engine chosen is the Roush 427 SRXE model, which is the 351 based Windsor engine, stroked to 427 cubic inches of displacement.

Highlights of the 427 SRXE, from Roush Performance website:

• 9.5 Deck Height
• Iron 4-Bolt Block
• Steel Crankshsaft
• H-Beam Rods
• Forged Pistons
• Aluminium Cylinder Heads
• Roller Camshaft
• Edelbrock Dual Plance Intake Manifold
• FAST Electronic Fuel Injection

The 427 SRXE is a fuel injected version of Roush Performance’s 427.  The EFI system used is from the FAST company.  Fuel Injection provides an efficient, self managing, fuel supply to the engine, requiring electronic upgrades to the car in order for it to work.

Taken from the FAST website, the EFI benefits include:

• Engine Control Unit (ECU)
• Colour Touchscreen Hand-Held Unit w/ Mount
• 1200 HP-Capable Throttle Body w/ Integrated Fuel Injectors, Sensors & Rails
• Fully Mesh-Wrapped Main Harness
• Fuel Pressure Adapter Block & Sensor
• Wide-Band 02 Sensor
• Higher flowing and higher HP-capable throttle body for engines making up to 1200 HP
• Maintains ease-of-use that doesn’t require a laptop or previous tuning experience
• Able to run E85 fuels as opposed to competitor versions
• Fuel pulse damper creates precise fuel control
• Sleek wiring harness and mesh-type loom
• Hand-held features a colour touchscreen
• and shares the same mounting points as Garmin Nuvi GPS for almost limitless mounting options
• ECU includes LED diagnostic feature with on-board diagnostics and EZ-Test Indicator Lights
• Works with both EZ-EFI or Inglese throttle bodies and multi-port systems
• Compatible with multiple fuel pump options
• EZ-Solution option to allow integration with most common ignition systems

Additional parts associated / attached to the engine:

• MSD Distributor
• SD Coil
• CVR Billet Pulleys with Serpentine Belts
• Ford Racing Sump
• 180 Degree Thermostat
• 130amp Alternator
• Custom Roush Valve Covers & Air Cleaner

Mated to the Roush 427 SRXE, is a Tremec T56 Magnum Gearbox with a close ratio.  The T56 is a 6 speed manual gearbox, capable of 700 ft-lbs of force, with gears featuring increased face widths and 2-piece laser-beam welded construction, allowing for greater control of the tooth angles, pitch and alignment.

The gearbox was assembled with premium parts, exceeding the performance required / intended use so that it would be more than capable of handling all of the power produced by the engine, and allowing for additional power increases in the future.  The parts supplied were purchased through American Drivetrain in the USA, which are a specialist in drivetrain and performance parts.  These parts included: List spec of clutch, etc

A Wilwood Hydraulic clutch system was installed to modernise the feel of the clutch, improve the performance and lose the archaic clutch levers.

• HYDRAMAX Hydraulic Release Bearing –, Double width seals
• Steel Braided Lines – Teflon Lined Stainless Steel
• 3/4″ Bore Master Cylinder – Black Powder Coated
• Hydramax Firewall Mount – Billet aluminium fixed position mount with steel backing plate
• Reservoir Kit – Remotely mounted
• Pedal Rod and Hardware

Cooling The engine is cooled with a Griffin aluminium radiator, with dual 12v fans.  All wiring is connected to the modern loom, and the EFI is controlling the fan switch on points.

Suspension, Steering, Braking & Chassis Strengthening Heidts Suspension was used solely in this 1967 Mustang creation.  Heidts’ suspension premium kit was chosen, known as Pro-G.

Front Suspension The Pro G equipment included upgrades to:

• Subframe and Crossmember
• Tubular Control Arms
• Splined Sway Bar
• Adjustable Coil Over Shock Absorbers

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension is also upgraded with Heidts Pro G equipment, and completely transforms the Mustangs rear suspension system.  The dated leaf springs and solif fixed beam axle are long gone, and in place is a structured crossmember with fixed differential.  With rear lower and upper control arms, camber and tracking, the rear suspension is now completely adjustable, with performance coil over shock absorbers for additional control.

Included in the rear suspension:

• Differential Housing
• 3.70:1 Ratio Limited Slip Differential Housing
• New Axles
• Control Arms
• Heim Joints
• Performance Coil Over Shocks
• Performance Coil Springs
• New Hardware and Fixings Throughout
• Friction Modifier added to Differential Oil
• Custom Built Prop Shaft
• Wilwood Disc Brakes (4 Piston)
• Electronic Emergency Brake

Wheels & Tyres The wheels were custom made from Vintage Wheels, and are: • American Racing VN407 • Front 18x8, 245/40-18 Michelin Pilot Sport • Rear 18x10, 295/35-18 Michelin Pilot Sport

Other Notable Specifications:

• Electronic Emergency Brake – E-stopp braking system is used for an electronic, push button hand brake.
• Power Windows – both front windows are power operated, using crank handle switches.
• Hurst Shifter – the shifter is from Hurst with leather boot.
• Bespoke Exhaust System

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