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The auction ends every last Wednesday of the month!


With a buyers premium of only 5% we are really shaking up the market.

Sellers on the online classic car platform are as well collectors, private persons as professional dealers.

All cars which are offered have a very accurate desciption and an extensive photogallery.

Even a walkaround video is available at most of the cars.

On, as a buyer you only pay a 5% fee for the use of our platform.

(With a minimum of € 500,- and a maximum of € 5.000,- excl. VAT.)


Where traditional auction houses charge on average between 20% and 30% commission !

As a buyer you have the great advantage that the seller does not have to take into account any commission in his "reserve" price.

At you can find, prewar classic cars, classic cars, youngtimers and exclusive cars. (And sometimes other fun collectibles.)

When you have seen a classic car on auction which has your interest do not hestitate and register to bid.


the most frequently asked question by our buyers:

What happens at the end of the auction if the car sells?

When a car sells successfully on the platform, a 5% premium is automatically invoiced to the highest bidder.

This is a fee for using the platform and not a downpayment on the car.

When we received the 5% fee, the seller and buyer are then digitally ‘introduced’ to complete the transaction.



jenden Classic Car Auctions